Why Assess?

  • Psychological assessment can provide invaluable information to parents and educators about a child’s strengths and areas in need of development.
  • Expert assessment highlights a child’s current knowledge and strengths, while providing a baseline for promoting further learning and development.
  • Identification of potential delays or disabilities can improve eventual outcomes through early remedial planning and intervention.

Our referrals commonly come through Paediatricians, GP’s, schools and families themselves. All psychological assessments and interventions are provided by experienced clinical and child psychologists with extensive knowledge of working with children and families. Through direct observation within the family home, consultation with parents and robust clinical assessment, our friendly child psychologists develop accurate clinical formulations that are detailed in a comprehensive psychological report. These reports summarise background & medical information, clinical observations and standardised test results and provide practical recommendations to parents and stakeholders such as supporting health professionals and schools. Our reports are legal documents and are accepted by the Disability Services Commission (DSC) Eligibility Team in instances where Intellectual Disability or Autism is identified.

We specialise in the following Assessment types:


Clinical / Diagnostic

1. Early Childhood / Developmental Assessment for infants 1 to 60 months

Duration: Approx. 2½ hrs


  • Play based Assessment using a Standardised Developmental Assessment (covers gross motor, language & communication, social & adaptive & cognitive skills)
  • Comprehensive Psychological Report (Report can be used to register with the DSC where Global Developmental Delay is identified)
  • A comprehensive Program of Developmental Learning Target Activities will be included where delays have been identified

Medicare rebates are available for developmental assessment (children under the age of 13) for children who have one of a select few conditions. See the link below for a breakdown of which conditions are covered.

See: Better Start for Children with Disability initiative for more information.

2. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Assessment

Duration: More than one session is usually required (2-3 hrs) each


  • Diagnostic assessment and observation of your child, often in multiple settings e.g. home & school
  • Adaptive assessment
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders where indicated e.g. teachers, paediatricians, speech pathologists
  • Assessment feedback
  • Comprehensive Psychological Report (This report can be used to register with the DSC)
  • Further referral as necessary

Medicare rebates are available for children under the age of 13 for ASD or other Pervasive Developmental Disorder Assessment

Under the Helping Children with Autism program, a child (under 13 years of age) can be referred by a consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist for the following allied health services:
up to four diagnostic / assessment services delivered by psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, audiologists, optometrists, orthoptists or physiotherapists to assist the referring practitioner with diagnosis or to contribute to a child’s treatment and management plan. Up to four sessions are covered as part of the diagnostic process. Accordingly, a rebate of up to $339.2 can be claimed from Medicare as part of our assessment.

See: Helping Children with Autism program for more information.

3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessment

Duration: Up to 4 sessions may be need and would include:

  • Diagnostic assessment and observation of your child, often in multiple settings e.g. home & school
  • Clinical Interview with parents / young person
  • Questionnaires completed by parents / educators
  • Assessment feedback
  • Comprehensive Psychological Report


Academic / Educational

1. Educational assessments for children 5 years and above

2. Cognitive (IQ) & Adaptive Assessment for children older than 5 years

Duration: Approx. 2½ hrs


  • Cognitive assessment using a Standardised Intelligence Measure (e.g. Stanford Binet 5, WISC)
  • Standardised Adaptive Skills Assessment
  • Comprehensive Psychological Report (This report can be used to register with the DSC where intellectual disability is identified)

3. Developmental level & school readiness

4. Intellectual Disability

5. Specific Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia

6. Giftedness